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For the majority of the past 2,000 years, ordinary Christians had little access to the bible. Bibles were copied by hand and were expensive. Most people could not read or write, so access to the Scripture was limited to Sundays when the minister would read a portion of the bible to the congregation. In such a climate, Christians were hungry for the word of God, but with limited access to it.

When the King James Bible was first published in 1611, the printing press had arrived and the KJV was written in the common language of the people. Many went to the libraries in London and lined up in order to read the bible for themselves, or have it read to them.

Today we suffer from the problem of plenty. We have printed bibles and plenty of electronic options. We have priceless access to God’s word, yet we take this so lightly. We live such a fast paced lifestyle, with short attention spans and video-age eyes, that spending time reading, including the bible, seems such a dying art. Many Christians today do not spend time with the bible, in the same way that previous generations did.

The question is, do we see the bible as an authoritative voice in our lives, or is it just a book that’s read at church and used for one-liner wisdom? Do we understand and practice that the bible is the very word of God, written for our benefit, the manual from our Creator on how we are to live (2 Timothy 3:16-17)? Reading the bible is not a law to be obeyed, but it is a means of God’s grace to us (Psalm 119:18-21).

It is my heart-felt prayer that all of us will commit to reading the bible every day, from the heart, with a desire to know God more, to speak with Him and have Him speak to us. If we do this, we will never regret it and we will never be the same again.