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Growing up in the small town I lived in had its interesting scenarios.  Next door to us was a house that always had families changing over.  I remember one such family having its struggles. A fight had broken out, with alcohol involved and yelling echoing down the street.  We’d become somewhat familiar with the family. Amidst the chaos and while waiting for the police to arrive, my mother calmly went over, gathered the kids and vulnerable individuals and took them back over to our house to play some games and wait it out.  It never seemed to be a big deal to her, but it was to me, even as a young boy. It inspired me.

Perhaps there are more nuances to the story than I can remember but I have no doubt that what lead my Mother to care for that family and intervene was her faith in God (she’s naturally a bit stoic too). As followers of Jesus, God calls us to be good. To be salt. To be light. In the darkness of people’s lives to be present, helpful, involved, caring, and compassionate when it counts. Seeing followers of Jesus live out goodness, mercy and love is what draws people’s attention to the reality of God.  The Gospel must be shared with words but it must gain its audience through goodness.  Helping them demonstrated God’s love to them and to me as well. Be different, be good, so that when you share God’s love in words it will be highlighted with your actions.