The people of God in Isaiah’s time got themselves in a lot of trouble when they succumbed to the temptation to put their faith in the idols of the nations around them. There were lots of reasons for it: The idols were targeted at fertility (people and crops) – a big concern for any society. They were more visible than the Lord. And often the nations who worshipped the idols seemed much more powerful than their nation, giving the impression that the Lord was less powerful. Even though they had plenty of evidence of God’s almighty power in their history, they so easily forgot.

Whilst our idols in Australia are more sophisticated than those of the ancient world, the temptation to serve them is no less real. The worship of power, self, possessions and pleasure that is endemic in our culture has a powerful pull on us all. To ‘hope in the Lord’ seems silly when the stability of position and possessions like a solid house (‘real’ estate), healthy finances and superannuation packages is what our society banks on and trusts in.

The answer for the people of God has always been the same: Love for the Lord is to be the passion that drives what we do with all our lives, including our possessions and position. Isaiah’s message that ultimately only the Lord rules and saves, foreshadowed the message of Jesus and the apostles; the Kingdom of God is here, repent and believe the good news.

Serving the Lord involves ridding ourselves of our idolatry and worshipping him alone. He’s the only One who deserves such a place in our lives.