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Evening service at the Chapel

Celebrate 158 years of God’s faithfulness at CrossCulture!

让我们一同感恩庆祝上帝对CrossCulture 158年的信实!

We cannot wait to celebrate CrossCulture’s anniversary with you! We hope you will join in the excitement and invite your friends and family to celebrate together.

Open Up, Reach Out Project

Our target this year is $250,000!


Each year during our anniversary we have a Thanksgiving Collection. This is a practical way of expressing our gratitude to God for his goodness and the privilege of reaching out to the people of Melbourne and beyond with the good news of Jesus.

We’re keen to keep growing in our capacity for ministry and outreach, so this year we’re focusing on starting to redevelop our office building, Knox House, over a number of years into a Ministry Centre. We would love it to have multiple space sizes for kids, youth, Life Groups, training, and other meetings, while also able to be opened up for larger gatherings, breakout spaces for conferences and other ministry gatherings. We plan to begin with the basement (Lower Knox) and progressively re-configure the other levels, with the future possibility of putting on additional floors and a lift.

This is a long-term project with a number of stages, so we want to begin with developing detailed plans and start with the basement. So, 80% of our target will be for this project, the next phase of Open Up, Reach Out.

The other 20% of the funds raised will go to our Gospel Ministry Development Fund. It helps fund internships and other projects that help to increase our capacity for gospel ministry. We would love to grow this vital area of our ministry too.

We are excited to be able to open up and reach out to more people in the city of Melbourne and beyond. We hope you are encouraged as you prayerfully partner with us.

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