Celebrate 156 years of God’s faithfulness at CrossCulture!

让我们一同感恩庆祝上帝对CrossCulture 156年的信实!

Just like last year, this year’s Anniversary celebrations inevitably have to take a different form! To celebrate 156 years of CrossCulture, we will gather together online for a weekend of encouragement and fellowship.

Join us at our church anniversary as we celebrate our creator God, the God of new beginnings.


Program: At a glance

We are so excited to share with you this year’s program. Here’s what our anniversary weekend will look like:

  • Friday 7pm: Keynote event
  • Saturday morning: Pre-workshop and workshops (2 timeslots)
  • Saturday 7.30pm: Trivia night
  • Sunday 10am: Combined evangelistic celebration service

Scroll below for the full program (including all the links)!

Everything will be online, so please invite your friends and family to join along! We also invite all CrossCulture alumni to join us at our anniversary celebration…

今年探讨的主题是《新的开始》,我们的外请讲员Andrew Reid师将有两场讲座,15日周五晚上(英语直播,提供中文翻译稿)和周日崇拜证道(双语直播)。16日周六上午,我们有线上zoom工作坊,晚上有团队猜谜游戏(题目与答案有中文翻译)。希望您与我们一样地兴奋参与,并邀请您的朋友一同参加!

Guest Speaker: Andrew Reid

Before returning to Melbourne in July, Andrew Reid was the founding Principal of the Evangelical Theological College of Asia (ETCAsia) in Singapore. He and his wife, Heather, are parents to two married sons. Andrew was converted to Christ at 18, studied at Moore Theological College, and with his wife, Heather, has enjoyed lifelong involvement in student ministry through the Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students (AFES). He has pastored churches in Sydney, Perth, and Melbourne and loves writing books that attempt to make the Old Testament accessible for Christians who don’t really know how it fits with their faith in Christ.

Andrew Reid 师在七月份回到墨尔本以前,在新加坡的亚洲福音神学院担任校长。他与他的妻子,Heather育有两个已婚儿子。Andrew18岁时信主,在Moore神学院学习,并于妻子终身服事AFES 澳洲福音学生团契中的学生们。他曾在悉尼,博斯和墨尔本牧会,并热爱写作,特别在旧约上颇有研究,帮助基督徒理解旧约与基督信仰生活的相关。

Open Up, Reach Out Project

Our target this year is $250,000!


Each year during our anniversary, we set aside funds for Open Up, Reach Out. As we are strategically placed in the heart of Melbourne, we want to continue to be faithful in serving God in this city.

Your donation will be channeled to two projects… The first one is the Chapel redevelopment. We would like to make the Chapel more accessible by adding a lift for wheelchair access. We will also add a mezzanine level so that we can reach out to more people. We can’t wait to see the completion of the Chapel, you can watch the progress on Chapel Cam.

Apart from the Chapel redevelopment, 20% of the funds raised will go to our Gospel Ministry Development Fund. It helps fund internships and training for mission and ministry. There are two new things that are nearly ready to go that will need funding: First, a church plant in the western suburbs so that many in Tarneit and Truganina areas will hear the good news of Jesus. Second, we’re starting CrossCulture Japanese, a ministry here in the city to reach out to Japanese-speaking people.

We are excited to be able to open up and reach out to more people in the city of Melbourne and beyond. We hope you will partner with us.

Donate via PayPal below or visit our Give page for bank transfer. 

Donate via PayPal

Conference Program

We look forward to celebrating with you at our Anniversary Conference!

This Friday 星期五

Keynote Event 讲座

We’d love you to join us at the start of CrossCulture’s 156th anniversary celebration. Our guest speaker Andrew Reid will unpack Genesis 1 with the topic “The Speaking Creator.” This will be a webinar via Zoom, we’re looking forward to meet online with you.

欢迎您参加CrossCulture 156周年庆典的第一个活动。我们的特邀讲员Andrew Reid牧师,将用创世纪第一章来探讨主题《说话的创造主》。此讲座将以网上模式在Zoom上举行,以英语原音进行,并提供中译讲稿给各位参考,我们期盼能在线上与您相会。

Join us via Zoom

Saturday morning 星期六上午

Start your Saturday with fun and informative workshops run by our own CrossCulture team and members! A great opportunity to catch up together as a church, learn some new skills and hone our thinking around various topics. Sessions will be at 10am and 11.30am. Workshops have special details, so please check them out and make sure you’re prepared for the session.


To help warm our brains and bodies up, there will be an exercise session at 9.30am. It’s time that we get serious about coming out of lockdown and still able to make it up that dreaded flight of stairs at the office.


We have workshops starting at 10am and then at 11.30am. Please choose one of the tabs to find out more and access the Zoom links. Here is an overview of all the workshops:



Pilates for everyone 线上暖身运动(英语指导)


Dr Kuruvilla George
Maintaining Emotional Health in a Crisis
Mike Assis
Cooking for Kids
Lou Di Lorenzo & Sam Reeve
Reading the Bible in Context
Ruby Yao & Irene Au
Eat your way to evangelism 吃出福音
9.30 - 9.55am
Pre Workshops exercise

Pilates for everyone!

We begin with a focus on breathing, before moving into a series of exercises (including the seven fundamentals of Pilates). If Pilates is new to you, you’ll have the opportunity to practice the basics, with some more challenging options offered for those with experience.


Meeting ID: 858 8139 0341
Passcode: 156

Join us via Zoom
10am & 11.30am
Maintaining Emotional Health in a Crisis - Some Insights from Theology and Psychology

We are all experiencing a critical life event, an event which is particularly stressful. It is normal for people to experience a wide range of thoughts, feelings and reactions. What are some of these and how do we respond as Christians? In this workshop we will look at a few strategies that may help us.

Professor Kuruvilla George (KG) is originally from Singapore. He completed his medical education in India and his post-grad as a psychiatrist in the UK. He lived in India as missionaries from 1986 to 1995 and was the general secretary of the Evangelical Medical Fellowship of India. He currently lives in Melbourne.


Meeting ID: 810 8856 2929
Passcode: 156

Join us via Zoom
10am & 11.30am
Fun origami for all

Come learn how to fold a few origami models while also learning a story, it’s storigami time! All you need is a few pieces of square paper. See you there!


Meeting ID: 874 2877 6574
Passcode: 156

Join us via Zoom
Cooking for Kids with Natalie (Sweet chocolate balls)
Cooking for Kids with Natalie (Savoury rice balls)

(This workshop is suitable for young kids)

Everyone! Kids, mums, dads, grandparents, uncles, aunties…come join the fun! This workshop is suitable for everyone. We will be making simple yet delicious treats for a picnic.

Join Natalie online as we go step by step in making sweet chocolate balls (10am) and savoury rice balls (11.30am). It will be super fun and family friendly!!

Click here to download recipes. (Please prepare the ingredients beforehand so that we can cook together.)


Meeting ID: 813 6926 0439
Passcode: 156

Join us via Zoom
Reading the Bible in Context - the difference it makes (Lou Di Lorenzo)
Reading the Bible in Context - the difference it makes (Sam Reeve)

Did you know that you can prove atheism from the bible? In fact, you can prove almost anything if you take words out of their context. Come and learn how to dig deeper into God’s word by respecting and understanding the context in which He gave it to us. As an example, we’ll see how the context of the Great Commission gives us a deeper understanding of what Jesus wants us to do in making disciples.

圣经讲究上下文:读出非凡 (英语工作坊)

Meeting ID: 819 8927 6001
Passcode: 156

Join us via Zoom
Eat your way to evangelism

Are you a fan of Asian food? Food plays such an important role in the Asian culture and one of the quickest ways to reach the hearts of people is through food sharing. Join us, to learn about how you can share the Gospel through sharing food. Learn tips to cooking the perfect dumplings and the recipe of the secret chilli sauce that is the soul of Chinese restaurant chilli dumplings, it’s bound to get your mouth watering. To top it off, we’ve got your dessert covered with delicious Mango banzai, to satisfy your sweet tooth. What is that, I hear you ask? Find out when you join us at Eat your way to evangelism!


The 10am workshop will be conducted in Mandarin and the 11.30am workshop in English. 吃出福音– 10am 华语工作坊 | 11:30am 英语工作坊

Meeting ID: 810 0775 3815
Passcode: 156

Join us via Zoom

Saturday evening 星期六晚上

Trivia Night 猜谜夜

Our Trivia Night is back with a little less chaos (than last year’s) but just as much fun! Time to form a team of your brightest friends and compete for trivia glory.

英语活动,题目与答案有中文翻译. 我们的猜谜夜今年又回来了!找一群聪明的朋友一起来竞赛吧!

Here’s what you need to do to participate 参加办法:

  • Register as a team of 2-8 people or as an individual (we will place you in a team) 报名:找2-8个人,或是个人(我们会帮你组队)
  • Schedule a meeting for 7:20pm, Saturday 16th October using your own (or a team mate’s) Zoom account (or similar platform which allows you to share screen) and send the meeting link to your team members. Ideally, someone in your team will have access to a paid Zoom account which will allow them to schedule a meeting that doesn’t have a time limit. If not, your Zoom meeting will time-out after 40 minutes. If that happens, please ask your teammates to use the same meeting link to rejoin. 每个组,在10月16日晚上7:20pm各自开启团队群聊,可用Zoom或是其他平台以便讨论答案,组长请提前将链接给组员。(请注意,个人免费zoom账号有40分钟限制,若超过时间,请团员用相同的链接再次加入)
  • Access our YouTube Live at 7:20pm, Saturday 16th October and share the screen with your teammates. 周六晚上7:20pm上教会的YouTube Live参加猜谜,群主可分享屏幕,供组员们观看讨论。
  • Work with your team to answer the questions and use the ‘YouTube Live Chat’ to communicate with Caleb, our Trivia Host, and other participants (you need to be logged into a YouTube account to be able to participate in the chat).
  • 每组答题派代表(须有个人YouTube账号才能参与)用YouTube Live Chat功能与关主Caleb互动。
  • Have a ton of fun! 玩得开心!

If you have any questions, please email 任何问题请发邮件到: trivia@crossculture.net.au.

Register for Trivia Night  Trivia Night on YouTube Live

Sunday, 17 October 十月十七日星期天

Special Anniversary Service 周年庆特别崇拜

Join us on Sunday Morning for our Anniversary Service where guest speaker Andrew Reid will unpack 2 Corinthians 5:11-6:2 on the topic “The Speaking Creator Who Makes All Things New”. This will be a combined English and Mandarin service. We hope you’ll invite friends and family to join in with us for this celebration of 156 years of CrossCulture.

欢迎您参加我们周日早晨的特别崇拜,我们的讲员Andrew Reid牧师将从哥林多后书5:11-6:2 探讨《说话的创造主使一切都更新》。这场中英双语联合崇拜,欢迎您邀请您的亲朋好友一同来与我们庆祝CrossCulture教会 156岁生日!

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