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Boy: Daddy, I want to marry.
Dad: Ok. First, say sorry.
Boy: For what?
Dad: Just say sorry.
Boy: But for what? What have I done? At least tell me the reason
Dad: It doesn’t matter. Just say sorry.
Boy: OK. I am sorry.
Dad: Good. When you learn to say sorry without any reason, you are ready to marry.

Now, of course, this is a joke and it is to be taken lightly. However, we cannot deny but those three words, “I. Am. Sorry.”, are very crucial in any marriages. In fact, they are very important in any relationships. None of us is without flaw, and inevitably, we will wrong each other one way or another. And our ability to be humble and to say sorry goes a long way. It is the same with our relationship with God. In the passage we are studying this week, we will learn that it’s pointless for us to pretend that we are without sin. We are only lying to ourselves and to God. But when we learn to confess our sins to God, our relationship with God will go a long way.