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It’s GMC week, and what a great time to take stock of our passion to see the unreached reached. When we consider the life and ministry of Jesus, it challenges our view of the world and its peoples. When Jesus reached out to Zaccheaus (someone considered a great sinner and on the margins of society) he was chastised by the religious people of the day. Jesus responded by saying “The Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost” (Luke 19:10). There’s no doubt here about his life mission and heart’s desire.

There are billions of lost people in our world. People who have no access to the life-giving good news of Jesus, and many more who do have access but have ignored or rejected God’s rescue plan. Jesus’ heart for these people is that they be sought out and saved. He can do it directly, but mostly He has chosen his people, you and me, to be the means of this blessing reaching them.

As we begin this busy week of focus on mission, let’s take the time to align our hearts with God’s heart, and let it extend to aligning our energy and resources to what matters most to Him.