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This week we’ve been challenged by God’s great passion to reach the lost with the good news of his Son. There’s still a long way to go, as we can see from this graphic (check out for more details). There are so many people groups who are yet to hear.

And there are so many ways we can get involved in bringing God’s great plan and passion to fruition. Let’s take the next step as goers, senders, mobilisers or welcomers, or maybe all of the above as God enables us!

Please fill out the response form at This is where we can indicate our commitment and put our hand up for input from others as we take the next step. There’s also space for you to indicate your wallet-alignment to God’s mission, as He provides the resources (Faith Promise and Love Gift). Filling this out helps us to budget realistically for our church alignment with God’s mission through our 30 Global Partners around the world. What a privilege to be partners with them and our great God and Saviour!