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You’re Welcome!

By February 16, 2017From The Heart

If you’re new here, we want you to know how much we appreciate it that you’ve chosen to come today. It’s not easy to come into a community where it seems like a lot of people have known each other for ages. We hope it doesn’t feel too hard to get past that feeling of ‘strangeness’. It’s our aim that it won’t happen at all.

This gathering of people called CrossCulture gets it’s name from the reality that we wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for what Jesus did on the cross 2000 years ago. It’s there that the way was opened up for us to be in God’s family, as Jesus died in our place, paying the price for our sins, the thing that keeps us out of God’s family. We’re so grateful for him doing that that we want to get together to say how thankful we are, and to help each other to grow in living for him and proclaiming him to others who need to hear.

We’d love it if you were to become part of this. Our aim is to help people know Jesus, grow in him and proclaim him. So wherever you are in relation to God, we’d love to connect and help you take the next step. The people around you and the information desk (iHub) are here to help in whatever way we can. It’s our prayer that God will bless your time with us, and that what happens here today will make a real, eternal difference in your life.

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