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Why We Read The Bible

By March 9, 2016News

We read the Bible because it is God’s Word to us. The Bible is literally “God-breathed” (2 Timothy 3:16). In other words, it is God’s very words for us. We read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation because God’s Word is important, it reveals God Himself to us, and we gain knowledge, understanding & wisdom to live our lives as we should. It is imperative that we be drenched in God’s Word! We may read other books about the Bible (e.g. commentaries), but how much are we taking in God’s Word?

Reading the Bible from cover to cover is a great resolution to make each year. Why not start now? You will be able to finish the whole bible in a year if you just read for 10-15 minutes a day! To help you, you can download the YouVersion bible app at youversion.com. You can subscribe and get daily Bible readings from this app. You can also go to esv.org/resources/reading-plans/ to get Bible reading plans. The Alpha organisation also has an app called Bible In One Year. This includes commentary by Nicky Gumbel. An email version is also available.

We have some Bible reading plans for you to pick up at iHub or at the foyer table before you leave the auditorium. One is a daily Bible reading plan for the year; the other’s a 6-month New Testament reading plan. Grab it now and use it!