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Why get Wise?

By August 25, 2016From The Heart

What use is God’s wisdom? The prevailing worldview around us says “do whatever pleases you”. And mostly that’s what people do. To live by God’s wisdom seems foolish to most, and downright wrong to some.

So what’s the use of living by God’s wisdom? One of the things that Solomon tells us is that God’s wisdom is a protection – it guards us from all kinds of foolishness. Making bad choices in who we get our advice from, who influences our decision-making and thus how we live our lives. Knowing God’s word helps us to see and know when we are being encouraged down a path that will lead us away from Him.

God’s wisdom also protects us from wrong and harmful relationships. So many people’s lives have been ruined badly and permanently by bad relationship choices. Who or what we give our affections to has a huge impact on our lives.

Wisdom keeps us from going down the many paths of evil, which ultimately lead to darkness and death. The result of listening to, understanding, and living out God’s wisdom is: You will walk in the way of the good and keep to the paths of righteousness. (Proverbs 2:20)

In the end, this is God’s world and the way of wisdom and joy is to live in it according to his wise words. It’s the best path now and for eternity!

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