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Why come to church? Why come to church early? Why stay on for lunch or dinner? Why go to Life Group? Why get involved in reaching out to others? Why spend time with Christian brothers and sisters?

We tend to make these kinds of decisions based on how we’re feeling, or some possible benefit to us, or how time-pressured we are, or even how good/bad the food is!

But in our reading today God has a very clear and compelling reason. Jesus needs you! He needs you to make your special contribution to the lives of his people. He has gifted you to help build up his body in a unique way. To not take your part is to somehow detract from the common good, to slow down the progress of us all growing more like Jesus. None of us can say or think that it won’t make any difference if I don’t come or contribute. Every believer is a vital part of the whole. Every one of us is needed to bring about the common good. That’s the way God has set things up, and when we take our part, we work with him in building up and transforming his people. It’s an enormous privilege and it has eternal significance. Most of us spend a fair bit of our time building homes, businesses, careers, investment portfolios, reputations, etc. All these things will pass away, but God’s kingdom lasts forever.

Let’s all encourage one another as we work together on this great building project that is the body of Christ.


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