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Walking towards the cross

By September 21, 2014From The Heart

When you read the account of Jesus’ betrayal and arrest, the one thing that strikes you is his clear-sightedness and determination.

Attempts to shield him from the coming sacrifice are swept aside. He tells those who come to arrest him to let the disciples leave (John 18:8); he tells Peter, who wants to fight off the corrupt people who are after him to put his sword away and rebukes him “Shall I not drink the cup that the Father has given me?” (v11).

In the face of the most obvious lack of any coherent case against him, he makes no protests or defence. The nearest he gets to giving an answer is to say that his kingdom is not of this world. It’s clear that he hasn’t done anything wrong, but the clamour of the crowd is to crucify him.

Jesus knows that it’s the plan and purpose of God to save his people through his sacrifice on the cross, so he keeps walking toward that sacrifice – unswervingly, deliberately, lovingly. And he keeps on doing it, right to his last breath.

How we need to thank Jesus for being so determined to open up the way back to God, the way of forgiveness and rescue from sin. We live every day experiencing the benefits of his extreme obedience. And we bask in the warmth of his unconditional love.

Let’s keep on living out our thankfulness to him in what we do and say and think, and so point others to our great Saviour.

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