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Together with Christ

By October 26, 2014From The Heart

What a great day we had last week, celebrating God’s faithfulness and all that we have in Christ! Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make it a special time.

Today we’re embarking on 8 weeks of learning what God has to teach us from the letter to the Christians in Philippi. It never ceases to amaze me how much we can learn from something God wanted to say to a bunch of believers who lived in a much different place to us almost 2,000 years ago. I hope that as we dig into this letter we will be inspired, encouraged, and challenged to live for Jesus in our context and time.

The relationship Paul had with the Philippians is a very warm one. They supported and encouraged each other in getting the message of Jesus out there to everyone who needed to hear it. He calls them “partners in the gospel, from the first day until now” (1:5). The term ‘partners’ was used for a commercial partnership in which the parties sacrificially pooled their resources in order to achieve their common goal. In this case, the believers in Philippi had joined together (or rather had been joined together by Christ) so that the good news of Jesus would be released into people’s lives. They literally put their resources and their lives on the line to make it happen. This is much more than friendship, or even fellowship. It is deep bond with the greatest purpose that anyone can have – to promote the message of the grace of God in Christ and thus be ‘to the praise and glory of God’ (1:11).

Let’s ask God to help us as we partner with him and each other to get the message of Jesus to the people He has placed us amongst so that they might be forgiven and find peace with God.

To Him be the glory!

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