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The shape of Christian ministry

By May 31, 2015From The Heart

Christian ministry and leadership is different to the way things work in the world. Jesus said this very clearly (Matthew 20:25-28).

Paul uses 3 mundane words to describe Christian leaders (1 Cor 3).

Servants. Jesus served, and his followers serve. In the case of the Corinthians, those who brought them the good news and those who built them up served them by doing these things. They also were serving God, who sent and equipped them. We can do no less. Serve God and his people.

Fellow-workers. You often hear leaders say that it’s lonely at the top. But the Christian leader never works alone. They work alongside God who is working a lot harder than us to bring his good purposes to fruition, and we have the privilege of sharing in what He is doing.

Builders. The Christian leader is helping to build Christ’s body, God’s church, the people of God. The foundation of the building is Jesus. The task of the builder is to make sure that everything is built firmly on the foundation, and that it is built to last. The Christian leader’s job is to build people on Christ, in Christ and to be like Christ. Ultimately only what is of him will survive.

In whatever influence God has given us over others, let’s make it count by serving with him to point them to Jesus and build them up in him.

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