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The Lord Knows

By September 15, 2016From The Heart

One of the affirmations of Proverbs 5 is that the Lord knows and sees our paths (v21). Past, present and future. He alone can see what’s up ahead, the true outcomes of the decisions we make (or tempted to make). That’s why He’s so committed to revealing himself to us, so that we can know him, and his direction for our lives, and the good purposes He has for us. He also faithfully and lovingly warns us of the disastrous consequences of not living his way. That’s why “the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom” (1:7)

When it comes to our sexuality, He knows how complex and driven we are. So He gives lots of wisdom on how to live out that part of our lives. The big message of this chapter-full of wisdom is that sexual purity in singleness, and faithfulness in marriage are the best way to go. The fact that He says this back in 900BC means that the sexual experimentation and promiscuity that are so common today are not recent phenomena.

It’s no surprise that the findings of modern research back up what God says. It has long been established that living together before marriage (the ‘try before you buy’ ethic) increases the chances of marriage breakdown. Recent research concludes that the best number of sexual partners for sexual happiness is 1. (Shpancer, N How many sex partners does it take to be happy?).

We do well to heed the wisdom of these findings. We do even better to “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and not lean on your own understanding.” He does get it right all the time, and He knows what’s best for us.

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