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The Getting of Wisdom

By August 5, 2016From The Heart

Today we start our new series – Wisdom for Living. Everyone wants to know how to live well. Philosophers debate the idea, ethicists propose new ways of promoting human flourishing, politicians try to legislate for it, ordinary citizens struggle with it regularly as we try to make wise decisions. It’s amazing that amongst all the pantheons of gods of ancient cultures, there is always a god of wisdom, often more than one. It reflects this very human quest for wisdom.

The Bible calls the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ “the only wise God and Saviour” (Jude 1:25). In his infinite wisdom He created the universe and us to live on earth in relationship with him. It follows that if we are to be wise, to get wisdom, then we must know God. Not just know about him, but have a close relationship with him. Solomon describes this relationship as ‘the fear of the Lord’ (Proverbs 1:7). The starting point for the wisely-lived life is a healthy, deep, awe and reverence for God. The kind of respect that makes it a bad idea to do anything stupid or ungodly. And it makes it a very smart and wise idea to do all that He commands and encourages us to do and to be. Jesus, the wisdom and power of God, has made it possible for us to relate to God in this way. By removing the barrier of our sin and sinfulness, He opened up the way for us to live in right relationship with the only wise God. Let’s make the most of it!

Have a wise week!

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