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The building project

By March 23, 2017From The Heart

Our Open Up, Reach Out building project is getting close to kick-off on the site. Soon we hope to have things under way to make our Lt Lonsdale St entry into a safe, attractive space for welcoming visitors and helping one another to better achieve our aim of helping people to know Christ, grow in Him and proclaim Him. We’re really thankful for our Facilities and CCDF teams for all they are doing to progress this. Please pray for the final approvals to come through soon.

Our facilities are a great blessing from God that help us to gather together to do the greater eternal building project. If there is anything that comes through loud and clear from our digging into 1 Corinthians 12-15, it’s that the purpose of Christian gatherings is to build one another up to become like our Lord and Saviour – Jesus. That’s the reason God has gifted each of us and energises us by his Spirit – so that we can all put our shoulder to the wheel in this wonderful project of growing and building His body – the church. It’s a project that was approved by the highest authority way back in eternity past, and its significance will be all eternity future. And God will bring it to perfect completion in the new creation that we eagerly look forward to.

We trust you enjoy your shift on the site today, as we seek to encourage and strengthen one another in our resolve to live like Jesus. Let’s pray that during this week there will be real progress in all our lives – that this great project will be one step nearer completion. To Him be the glory!

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