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Remembering God’s faithfulness

By December 28, 2014From The Heart

As we finish unwrapping Christmas presents, we suddenly find that it’s time to begin wrapping up the year. And what a year it’s been. On a global scale, this is a year that has been full of triumph and disaster, hopefulness and despair. A quick search online will bring to mind some of the best and worst faced in 2014.

On a personal level many will relate to the variety of experiences, good and bad, that were faced in 2014. Though the details may differ, each of us has faced our own versions of the struggles and victories we’ve read about in the news and like every year, we must choose what our hearts and minds will dwell on in the light or dark of it.

As a nation, ancient Israel also went through events that brought both rejoicing in the faithfulness of God, and more often than we realise, a deep questioning of whether he was really there beside them.

For them, reflecting back on God’s mighty acts of redemption was a way of fueling perseverance in trusting him. Psalm 77:10-11 captures this in a song, “I will appeal to this, to the years of the right hand of the Most High. I will remember the deeds of the Lord; yes, I will remember your wonders of old.”

It’s the same for us. In all that we experience, we are called to make a habit of bringing to mind the truth of God’s character and salvation expressed in the history of the Old Testament and the revelation of Jesus Christ in the New Testament. This intentional remembering of God’s faithfulness should not be an annual event, but rather a life discipline.

Though it may not always be up-front in our minds, God has acted in a mighty way to save us through Jesus. A life grounded on this truth can interpret and respond to difficulties in the right way. It’s not the quality of the house, but the foundation that plays the biggest role in keeping it standing (Matthew 7:25).

God is faithful and we can trust him through the good and the bad. May we remember how he has been faithful to us in the past and continue to bring to mind what God he has done for us through Christ Jesus in the coming year.

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