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Proclaiming Christ crucified

By May 17, 2015From The Heart

Know, Grow, Proclaim. That’s our vision – it’s all centred on Jesus the one who saved us and leads us. Paul’s letter to the Corinthians reminds us how powerful the message of Jesus is – so powerful that it can change rebellious sinners like us into people who love and serve Jesus. For Paul, the most important thing was that people hear this message in the clearest way possible, uncluttered by overlays of human cleverness, so that God’s power might work in them to make them like Jesus.

There are lots of ways and opportunities for us to proclaim the message of Christ’s death in our place. All of us meet people who need to hear this message – some who have never heard anything like it. Some who have heard it many times, but still not affected by it. Our task is to live and speak so that they might hear clearly the message of the Son of God coming to earth to pay the price for their sins and bring them forgiveness.

There are many ways we can do that together – so many opportunities for us to serve in the ministries of the church to reach others. You may not be fully aware of what God is doing through these outreaches or how you could be involved.

We want to stir one another up to think about the question “What is your mission?” and to get stuck into serving our great Saviour even more effectively and passionately.

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