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Planting and watering

By March 22, 2015From The Heart

It will soon be sowing season for our grain farmers (Our state produces over 3 million tonnes of wheat each year). Farmers are getting their machinery ready, fuel tanks filled, fertiliser stock-piled, seed on hand, etc, etc ready to work 24/7 to get the crop in. It’s a big investment. One farmer I know spends more than $500,000 each year to sow his crop – not knowing what the return might be. If there is no rain to water the crop, there will be no return. If God sends the rain, there’s a bumper crop.

Paul speaks of the work of growing God’s church in terms of sowing and watering. Jesus used the same imagery in his parable of the sower, or soils. We have the privilege of sowing God’s word, the good news, into people’s lives. We also water the seed, in terms of encouraging people’s interest, answering their questions, helping the seed to sprout in their lives. As in farming, these tasks require diligence, hard work and enthusiastic passion.

The great thing that Paul points out, and Jesus also stressed, is that it is God who brings about the growth, who sees that there is a harvest in the end – He is the Lord of the harvest. It is such a privilege to be sent by God and be fellow-workers with Him in this great enterprise (1 Corinthians 3:9). And we know that He is working relentlessly to bring about a full harvest. It’s a partnership that is sure to fulfil every good purpose that he plans.

Let’s keep taking up our vital part in this great work, as we just start talking to sow the seed of the good news in people’s lives.

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