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How much does Jesus care?

By June 2, 2016From The Heart

I’m so enjoying ‘rediscovering’ how great our Saviour is, as we dig into Mark’s gospel. One of the things that hit me again as I prepared for this week is how much Jesus loves people. From the poor demented man, terrorised by demons, spending his days shrieking and harming himself in a lonely cemetery, to his terrified disciples in a sea-storm, his words and actions show a deep love for each one. His compassion for the poor woman who has been totally depleted by a 12-year illness is so touching. His concern for the crowds who are like sheep without a shepherd challenges and inspires.

These are not just emotions and feelings (they certainly are that!), but they result in actions that make a real difference in the lives of those He loves. The demoniac is released from his soul-destroying bondage, destructive wind and waves are stilled, the woman with the 12-year blood flow is instantly healed, Jairus’ daughter is raised from the dead, the crowds are fed, both by his life-giving words and the miraculously multiplied loaves.

It all points to Jesus’ ultimate act of love – dying on the cross in the place of people crippled by bondage to sin and evil, directionless, battered and fearful in the storms of life, spiritually dead. Jesus came to give his life a ransom for many, so that we might live, here and now and for eternity.

What a privilege to belong to such a sacrificial, loving, compassionate person, the Son of God. Let’s live in thankful response to his endless love for us, and proclaim this great good news to anyone who will listen!

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