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How big is your Jesus?

By May 13, 2016From The Heart

It’s great to be soaking ourselves in Mark’s gospel. It helps us to re-calibrate our idea of who Jesus is. It’s easy to begin to think of him as less than He is – either through disappointments in our lives, or just buying into unbiblical pictures of who He is and why he came.  One thing we see from the claims of the gospels, and from the things He did, is that He has extraordinary power and authority, over life and death – even his own life and death. Today’s passage shows us the extent of his complete rule in key areas that are necessary if we are to be saved: forgiveness, keeping the law, and the influence of Satan.

It’s no accident that the first creed of the Christian church was simply ‘Jesus is Lord’. They knew it from what they saw him say and do, and from the impact of his good news in the lives of people.  They knew that no matter what happens, Jesus is in charge. For most of them, in human terms, life was full of difficulty and hardship – extreme suffering, in some cases. But the one thing they had front and centre was that He rules. That He was Lord of their lives, their circumstances, and their future – a glorious future with him, the eternal Lord of heaven and earth.

I have found this to be the one thing that keeps me going in the tough times. Jesus knows what He’s doing, and He’s still exercising his Lordship over everything. And his purposes and intentions are good. Whatever He has for us is ultimately the best. We will know that fullness of that when we see him face to face, and everything else will be seen in its proper perspective.

Let’s keep trusting and following this big Jesus!

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