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Grow in Christ

By March 8, 2015From The Heart

One of the fashions of our age is to strive to have the best body. People go to great lengths of torture in gyms, running tracks, cycle-ways, swimming pools, etc, even pumping themselves with muscle-enhancing steroids to get the perfect physique. For some it goes way beyond simple fitness into an all-consuming obsession.

The apostle Paul encourages us to get stuck into a godly biblical body-building. It’s not about me having a better body than everyone else (way too late for that!). It’s about us together being a perfect body – “the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ” (Ephesians 4:13).

Today we’re looking at Growing in Christ, the second of our aims as a church. The Bible takes this as a corporate responsibility – that we work together to build one another up so that we( as the expression of the body of Christ) end up looking and being more and more like Jesus, our Saviour and head. It involves all sorts of things that we will look at as we study Ephesians 4 – being unified, letting the word of God mould and change us, building one another up, etc.

Let’s commit ourselves more and more to work for the good of one another – to help each other, and us all together, become more and more like Jesus. As He is lifted up in this way, and as we are faithful in telling people of his love for them, He will continue to build his body by the power of his Spirit. In that way we will be working with God to build a body that will really be perfect – and lasting – for all eternity.

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