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God’s power to rescue

By May 14, 2017From The Heart

Generally we give our energy and time to things and people we have confidence in. Family, friends, colleagues, projects that capture our imagination or we think will succeed. For the early Christians, their confidence was in the good news of Jesus. They recognised that this message was what the world desperately needed and had the power to turn condemned sinners into saved saints. As Paul introduces his great treatise on God’s rescue mission (The Letter to the Romans), he lays bare the focus of his great confidence – the gospel. He unashamedly proclaims it to all. From Jews to Greeks, pagans to Pharisees, slaves to sovereigns, his belief was that no-one is beyond the reach of God’s powerful good news. All can come into God’s forever family through repenting of their sins and believing this message of rescue for broken and lost people. And he risked his life over and over again so that people could hear this message and have the opportunity to believe.

How are we going in getting this message out? If we’re tiring of doing it, or maybe not even started doing it yet, perhaps it’s time to do a reality check on how confident we are in the gospel. Do we really believe that Jesus is the only way for people to be made right with God? Do we really believe that God will do his work of convicting and saving people as we proclaim the message? Is it really God’s power to salvation for everyone who believes?

These are serious questions of eternal consequence. The eternal future of those who are yet to hear the good news is at stake. Let’s not let them down.

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