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CHRISTmas is Coming!

By December 8, 2016From The Heart

Only 2 weeks til Christmas! Does that strike terror into your heart (as you think of the impossible list of things that need to be done), or fill you with joyful anticipation? Maybe it’s a bit of both.

One of the things that James is absolutely certain about, as he concludes his letter to troubled Christians, is that Jesus is coming back. Just as surely as He came the first time, He’s returning for his people. He’s near, standing at the door even, and He will put everything right. Those who persecute and oppress his people will be called to account and punished. He won’t just put others right, but us too! So James encourages us to keep short accounts with God and with each other. Confess our sins. It’s one of the things on the path to receiving God’s healing and salvation.

I once heard of a new Christian who said “I want to live as if Jesus died yesterday, rose from the dead this morning and is coming back tomorrow”. That’s what James calls us to – whether we’re in trouble, happy, sick or struggling spiritually – to live with our eyes firmly fixed on Christ, our hope and strength. In whatever state we find ourselves, let’s live in the sure knowledge that our Rescuer and Lord is on the way. The whole creation is moving inevitably to the time when all things will be united under Jesus, every knee will bow, every tongue confess that He is Lord, to the glory of God the Father. Since this is where everything is heading, let’s work with God towards that end. Maybe, in the light of that, some of the things on our Christmas to-do list aren’t so vital after all.

Come Lord Jesus!

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