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Radical Virtue

When is the prime of your life? Scientists predict we will peak physically at roughly 25 years old, and mentally in our mid-thirties. What about your spiritual life? The bible encourages a life of constant spiritual progress. The Apostle Paul, even with all his credentials, continues to “press on toward…
Devin Toh
January 17, 2020
From The Heart

A thought on the covers of books

“Don’t judge a book by its cover” is a metaphor intended to capture a proverbial truth - that we shouldn’t assess a person’s value by their outward appearance, but by who they are on the inside - their character, personality and values. Unfortunately, book publishers know the truth - we…
Abrahm Gunn
January 10, 2020
From The Heart

Do you see what I see?

Christmas is rightly a time for celebration, laughter and joy with friends and family. However, for many of us, Christmas is also a time for tears. The season can be a painful reminder of broken relationships, loneliness and the loss of loved ones. The picture of the first Christmas is…
Devin Toh
December 22, 2019
From The Heart

Lean on Him

“I have found that petty disappointments tend to accumulate over time, undermining my faith with a lava flow of doubt. I start to wonder whether God cares about everyday details — about me. I am tempted to pray less often, having concluded in advance that it won’t matter. Or will it? My emotions and…
Lou Di Lorenzo
December 5, 2019
From The Heart

The Conflict Cancer

Anybody who has ever been in a serious conflict knows only too well how all-consuming it is. It saps our time, thoughts, energy and diminishes our resilience and ability to reach out to others. It’s like a cancer of the soul. What is true at the personal level is true…
Sam Reeve
November 28, 2019