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Am I my brother’s keeper?

By January 11, 2018From The Heart

This is an ancient question. After the first recorded murder (Genesis 4), God asks Cain where his brother Abel is. Cain’s answer betrays his deep-seated self centredness and lack of love for his brother.

We live in a culture that is fanatically committed to individualism – the idea that what I do, or believe, or think has nothing to do with anyone else. It’s none of their business. But our media is full of reports of instances where the actions of individuals have seriously impacted the lives of others (For example, the recent Flinders St incident). And we know from those close to us that we impact each other’s lives all the time (for better or worse!).

God is much more realistic than our prevailing culture. He’s set up His world so that we need one another, and have the potential to deeply impact each other’s lives for good. In the body of Christ it is even more so, as God’s Spirit works in and through us to empower all of us to contribute to God’s great plan to present each other mature in Christ.

As we launch into this year of helping one another to grow in Christ, let’s use every opportunity to love and care for those around us in a way that really helps us all grow more like Jesus.

Yes, we are our bother and sister’s keeper, and what a privilege it is to be instruments in God’s hands to help each other to become more like our great Saviour.


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