Thanksgiving Project

At our 150th anniversary, we started a project to create better access to our facilities and reach out to more people. This year, we want to raise $150,000 towards the project during this Thanksgiving Sunday period. Let’s continue working towards our goals!


Your generous gift will help build our tomorrow.

Here is how you can give:

Bank Transfer
Account Name: CrossCulture General
BSB: 013 160
Account No: 483 584 935
Reference: 152 Project


Speaker: Sam Chan

Sam Chan is a global citizen – born in Hong Kong, studied Medicine in Sydney, got his PhD from Chicago. Just like you, he senses that our world has changed – we work more, but are less happy. Sam loves helping people rediscover the joy that comes from faith, spirituality, and the Christian tradition. But he also knows that Australians don’t want to be too serious. That’s why Sam has discovered humorous ways to talk about the important issues in life.

How to have extraordinary success

10 am / Auditorium

We are told to chase our passions. We can succeed at whatever we put our hearts into. The only thing stopping us is our lack of faith. But at the same time, there are so many stories of failure. For every winner, there has to be a loser. So how can we find success when we don’t know what tomorrow brings?

What can Jesus offer me when I’ve got everything?

6 pm / Chapel

In Australia, we have everything we want. Food, fun, and friends. But at the same time, we’re busy, tired and stretched. Why do we work so hard? Whatere am I going? Is this what I want to do for the next 20-40 years of my life? What if the answer is Jesus? What if Jesus is a real person who can give me what I’m looking for?