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We are CrossCulture!

Know Christ, Grow in Christ, Proclaim Christ

We are a multicultural church who believes that Jesus is the Son of God. He brings a message of hope to all people.


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Our Sunday Services

No matter what stage of life you’re at, you’re welcome to attend any one of our services!
Different times do attract different life stages. Here’s a quick guide as to which demographics are more likely to attend the services we run.
(Please note that during summer & special events, there is only one morning English service at 10am. At other times, our usual services are 9am, 11.15am and 6pm.)

9am / Auditorium

Our 9am service is best suited for kids and youths. Kids programs run for toddlers up to year 9. Youths in year 10 to 12 usually join this service.

10.45am / Chapel

Our Mandarin-speaking congregation meets at 10.45am. This is suited for those who would like to invite Mandarin-speaking family and friends to church.

11.15am / Auditorium

Local and international university students are most likely to attend this service. Young families also make up a large part of this congregation.

6pm / Chapel

Our 6pm service in the Chapel is suited to working adults. With a more relaxed vibe and street frontage, we hope to reach out to city passersby.
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